Sunday, July 6, 2014

Silverlake Ramen And Kush in Echo Park

When I think of Ramen, I remember those inexpensive freeze dried packs of noodles and seasonings.
Silverlake Ramen, which has been open for 2 years makes you completely put that Ramen out of your mind forever. The Japanese Noodles with broth served here are thousands of levels above that.
The flavors are like nothing I've had before, and most are served with pork belly or chicken.
The seasonings used to prepare the bowls are fantastic, flavorful blends that compliment every bite.
Along with the Ramen, there are hand cut rolls of tuna, vegetable, etc. Also, wonderful appetizers.
They have 42 years in the business of making Ramen, the broth is cooked for 16 hours for richness
and taste.

Silverlake Ramen is located at:
2927 W. Sunset Boulevard
Silverlake, Los Angeles, CA 90026
Their website is:

Kush is a new restaurant, by the same chef, Denny, who owns Silverlake Ramen. For this Japanese Saki and skewer bar, he picked Echo Park for it's location and we couldn't be happier. In the former Cortez location, you can now choose from wonderful Sake's, Beer and Wine, along with skewers of delicious Japanese inspired meats and vegetables. Definitely try the Seafood fries, a bucket of seasoned fries with grilled corn, shrimp and mussels, excellent!
For the skewers, we had the duck breast with onion and bell pepper, the asparagus,scallop, bacon wrap with anchovy sauce, which were both delicious. For vegetables, we had the japanese pumpkin with honey sauce and the brussel sprout with truffle oil, highly recommended. 
This is Kush's second week open, and I would suggest going soon before it gets as crowded as Silverlake Ramen.

Kush is located at:
1356 Allison Avenue, just off Sunset
Echo Park, CA 90026
(213) 265-7609
No website as of now