Friday, July 26, 2013

Allumette Glows

Last night was our first time at the new Allumette in Echo Park. This was formerly the Allston Yacht Club, same owners, new chef.
The restaurant went through a major remodel and was transformed into a lovely, formal spot. This is the type of restaurant that is perfect for special occasions or an intimate dinner.
The menu consists of small plates that are lovely in their execution and with distinct flavors you may have a hard time finding anywhere else.
Allumette means Matchstick in French.
Lets start with the drink menu, creative and yummy. These are very creative and the ingredients blend together quite well. Drink Menu:
Chef Miles Thompson has come up with quite a unique menu. They do have a tasting menu that can be coupled with wine, but we opted for individual dishes to get a broader experience.
They do 12 to 15 dishes per night, so the menu does change. The Sashimi was so fresh and delicious, but that was just one of the starters. The Fried Oyster with Kimchi Ranch Dressing, Asian Pear Mignonette and Sea Spinach was delicious, as were the Spicy Blue Prawns with Pork Belly , White Peach and Pickled Wasabi, Garganelli with Burnt Eggplant, Hen of the Woods,Long Pepper and Ricotta Salata. The food menu is available here:
What was once a bold, brightly colored space, has become an elegant intimate dining experience.
I highly recommend you go and experience the flavorful dishes and drinks at this lovely restaurant.


  1. Thanks very much for this info on Allumette. Can't wait to check it out.
    Oh, btw, if you're the same Steve who posted those wonderfully cogent comments on TheEastsiderLA regarding El Conquistador, thanks!


  2. I only made one comment, very sad news. My comment has a picture.
    I have no idea who the other Steve M on theEastsider is?

    1. I don't know either, but at least it led me to your blog. I'm a long time Silver Lake resident and love food, so enjoyed knowing about Allumette.