Sunday, September 2, 2012

Elysian Park inspires name of new Pet Shop Boys album

When it came to naming their new album, the British pop and electronic music duo known as the Pet Shop Boys toyed with the idea of  calling it “Happy Sad.”  But, after a visit to Los Angeles and a stroll through Elysian Park earlier this year, Neil Tenant and Chris Lowe settled upon a different album title: Elysium,  which is rooted in a classical Greek word referring to paradise. Tenant, the more talkative of the two, explains how this came about in a video interview with the Huffington Post:
There is a park in Los Angeles called Elysian Park, and we went for a walk there with some friends and we decided to do a photo session there  … We still didn’t have the album title then.  As I mentioned, we thought of going “Happy Sad” at one point. And then Elysium just floated out because of Elysian Park.  It seemed to fit … the mood of the album.
In his British accent, Tenant, who can be seen here with Elysian Park’s Avenue of the Palms in the background,  pronounces the name of the city’s second largest park  as “Eh-LIZ-ee-an.”
From TheEastsiderLA  Sunday, Sept 2, 2012

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