Thursday, August 2, 2012

If Echo Park gets a Taix Square, will Brite Spot Plaza be far behind?

This year marks the 85th anniversary of Taix French Restaurant, and Councilman Eric Garcetti wants to honor the Echo Park dining institution  by naming the intersection  in front of the restaurant Taix Square. The signs that would be installed at Sunset Boulevard and Park Avenue are  ceremonial in nature ad are similar to the Fletcher Square signs that recently appeared in Glassell Park.  Garcetti’s council motion reads:
Since 1962, TAIX has operated at its current Location in Echo Park and been a beacon for delicious cuisine, the finest staff, all the while developing into a citywide Landmark. I THEREFORE MOVE that the intersection of West Sunset Boulevard and Park Avenue in Echo Park be named “TAIX Square” and direct the Department of Transportation to erect permanent ceremonial signage to this effect.
But what about Echo Park’s many other long-time restaurants? Won’t they want their own square, too? Brite Spot, the diner located across the street from Taix at the same intersection, has been in business since 1949. Three blocks east on Sunset, Barragan’s Mexican Restaurant opened in 1961 and remains operated by the same family.  Looks like the city might have to find more ceremonial signs and Echo Park intersections.
From TheEastiderLA 8/2/2012

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