Saturday, April 21, 2012

For the Vegan - Sage Organic Vegan Bistro

We have been meaning to try this restaurant since it opened in the space that used to be Mooi, and last night we finally did.
I am a meat eater, but am very impressed now with the food that is crafted from vegetables, especially when it comes out as good as Sage makes them!
This is a true vegan restaurant that uses no dairy products, but the combination of vegetables and rice or quinoa make a truly delicious meal. We started with Fried Artichoke hearts that are breaded and come with a tomato sauce, which tastes extremely similar to Fried Calamari.
Then we had 3 different bowls, each a creation that was very tasty. Looking forward to try other dishes on the next trip. Their menu is available at their website, Sage Vegan Bistro
Inside the restaurant is Kind Creme, which is Gourmet, raw, organic vegan ice cream. It's made using cashews instead of cream. Lots of very tasty desserts, which we will try next time as the portions at Sage were very filling! Check out Kind Creme at Kind Creme Website
Sage is located in the middle of Echo Park on Sunset Boulevard, and if you are in the area, you should definitely give it a try, whether you are vegan or not.
Sage Organic Vegan Bistro
1700 West Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Tel. 213-989-1718

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