Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Echo Park Boathouse gets Bronzed

The formerly beige Echo Park Lake Boathouse is now sporting a new bronze – or is it Harvest Gold? – paint color and copper collar under the lighthouse as part of  an extensive renovation of the 80-year old building. Is this the original color? It’s hard to say. Project manager Ohaji K. Abdalla with the city’s Bureau of Engineering said:
The color shown at this time is the final stucco coat.  Due to the many stucco fixes performed on the building , without proper preservation techniques, we cannot source the original color of the building.  The color chosen is typical for Spanish Colonial buildings of this era.
While the $1.3 million project is nearly complete, the new bronze boathouse won’t be opened until the $65 million clean up and rehabilitation of Echo Park Lake is finished sometime next year.

From theeastsiderLA

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