Monday, November 21, 2011

Grocery store owners to open restaurant

Echo Park’s Cookbook starts new chapter

 The owners of Cookbook, Echo Park’s upscale grocery store, are now planning to open a new restaurant a few blocks away. The yet-to-be-named restaurant is now under construction in a brick building on Allison Avenue and Sunset Boulevard.  Cookbook owner Marta Teegan, who appeared tonight before the Echo Park neighborhood council’s planning committee, did not want to disclose too many details about the place except to say it will be “a small neighborhood place with tasty food.”

Teegan plans to operate Cookbook,  which opened in August 2010 on Echo Park Avenue,  and the new restaurant simultaneously.

The 1,250-square-foot restaurant  is located in the same building as Novak, a new salon that opened in May.
The planning committee supported Teegan’s application to serve beer and wine at the restaurant. The only concern raised was about parking. Parking is hard to find in the area and new restaurant will not be required to provide off street parking. “Parking there is horrible,” conceded a consultant working with Cookbook.
But Teegan noted that her Echo Park Avenue store also lacks off street parking. Most of Cookbook’s customers walk to the store, she said. “We’re expecting the same” at the new restaurant, she said.



  1. It is preposterous to think that foot traffic alone could support either a restaurant or a grocery store, let alone both, anywhere in Los Angeles... in my opinion.

  2. Echo Park is a bird of a different color. As it gets gentrified, there are more people on the street than I've seen previously.