Monday, October 10, 2011

Cowboys and Turbans - Indian Food with a Twist

I have wanted to try this place for quite some time, They used to be located on Wilshire Boulevard near the El Rey Theater.
While they do serve traditional Indian Food, the unique twist is their Masala and Tandoori Burritos, Tacos, Pizza and French Fries, which I will definitely try on the next visit.
This time we went Traditional with a delicious Fish plate and Lamb Curry, both with Basmati Rice. We also ordered Naan Bread, which was a little disappointing as it wasn't exactly like the Naan I've had elsewhere. I can imagine this Naan being used for their Masala Pizza, so it wasn't as traditional.
One thing about the Restaurant that makes it special, even though it's in a small shopping center on Sunset Boulevard in Silverlake, is the patio. The inside used to house a Natural Foods Market and is quite barren. The restaurant is actually outside, and the patio is lovely. Decorated in an Indian style, it is large and makes you feel like you've left the city and headed out to the country.
It's a unique combination, that I'm looking forward to trying again soon.
Cowboys and Turbans
2815 Sunset Blvd
Ste 101

Los Angeles, CA 90026
(213) 483-7778

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