Sunday, August 7, 2011

Third Week of Echo Park Lake Construction

Now, past the third week of what is to be a 2 year drain and rebuild of the lake and the park. Just wondering when it will actually start?
Three weeks ago they fenced off the Lake and Park to start the project, and all we've seen in that time is a few people in hard hats looking at things. Would actually like to see some start of the project, so that maybe it will be done on time. (Update: Drainage is supposed to start August 10th).
The Picture shows the fence around the Park. For three weeks joggers and walkers have had to use the sidewalk outside the fence, and in some areas it's a danger as the fence makes the sidewalk so slim, that they have to use the street. Not a very safe plan, considering the Glendale Boulevard side is the heaviest traffic in the neighborhood.

 It's a mighty quiet Park, which used to be filled with folks and fowl.

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