Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Update on Echo Park Lake

They are doing set up to start drainage of the lake. In the meantime, they have set up temporary ponds for the wildlife.
Here are pictures, one empty, and one with the birds enjoying a splash.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Pescado Mojado Out, Senor Fish in

Surprising news today from, long time restaurant chain Pescado Mojado, which had an Echo Park location for many years has closed. Senor Fish, which has 6 other locations is already at work remodeling the location, which they are expanding.
This is the article just posted at The Eastsider LA:

The closure of one Echo Park Mexican seafood restaurant, Pescado Mojado, has opened up the door for the arrival of another: Señor Fish. The fish taco and Mexican food restaurant chain expects to open the Echo Park outlet at  Sunset Boulevard and Logan Street within three months, said Señor Fish co-founder Enrique Martinez. In addition, Martinez plans to eventually expand into the adjacent Santa Fe Tortilleria and open a bar and outdoor dining area.  However, Martinez said he must first apply and secure necessary liquor and city permits.
Martinez and his sister Alicia opened the first Señor Fish in 1988 on Figueroa Street. That stand closed but the family opened outlets in other communities, including Eagle Rock, downtown Los Angeles and Duarte. The Echo Park restaurant would be the chain’s seventh location.
 Senor Fish Website

Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Vegetarian Restaurant Headed to Echo Park

DJ/producer Goura Chandra and Raffi Roumdikian, owner of downtown's Seven Bar, have partnered up to launch a new vegetarian restaurant in the above pictured eco-friendly loft building on Alvarado. An opening is expected early next year.
Chandra, who has been a lifelong vegetarian, says that dishes served at the unnamed restaurant are based on "all my crazy and tasty food creations," and while he will definitely oversee foodstuffs, he will most likely not serve as the day to day chef. In addition to a conventional dining room and lounge, the restaurant will also encompass a to-go counter selling wraps, sandwiches, and salads "in our mini Whole Foods-type convinience store which will be a part of the restraunt (no dividing walls)."
And because vegetarians do like to drink, expect plenty of booze. For the most part, the alcohol program centers around micro-brews and boutique wines, but cocktails will be available as well. Chandra says that he's a big fan of craft beers and has a big hop craving :) (his smiley face, not ours). For both food and drink, he plans to source locally and seasonally. Right now the space is raw and a full build-out is to come. Oh, and because Chandra hails from a music background, he intends on lining up DJs to play "cutting edge alternative music" in the restaurant's lounge area. [EaterWire]
Courtesy of by Kat Odell

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Hidden Staircases of Echo Park and Silverlake

Years back, the only way to get up and down the hills was with these staircases, which are still used today. I know, I use them!
Video by

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lake Reconstruction Week 5-6

So, going into the 6th week of the drainage and reconstruction, what they have finally completed is removal of the sidewalks. A lot of crushing of the cement leaves dirt walkways that at some point will be repaved with porous material.
I will be updating as the 2 year project progresses. Echo Park Lake should look great a long time from now!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Third Week of Echo Park Lake Construction

Now, past the third week of what is to be a 2 year drain and rebuild of the lake and the park. Just wondering when it will actually start?
Three weeks ago they fenced off the Lake and Park to start the project, and all we've seen in that time is a few people in hard hats looking at things. Would actually like to see some start of the project, so that maybe it will be done on time. (Update: Drainage is supposed to start August 10th).
The Picture shows the fence around the Park. For three weeks joggers and walkers have had to use the sidewalk outside the fence, and in some areas it's a danger as the fence makes the sidewalk so slim, that they have to use the street. Not a very safe plan, considering the Glendale Boulevard side is the heaviest traffic in the neighborhood.

 It's a mighty quiet Park, which used to be filled with folks and fowl.

Here are some links to the latest articles on the rebuilding project:
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When Wetlands Grew Like Weed Across Ech Park Lake
Echo Park Adjusts to Life Without A Lake
Official Site featuring before and after Gallery
New\Article on Disney's Version of Echo Park Lake Dinosaurs and Tourists Roam Disney's Version of Echo Park Lake

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Wait is Over - Mohawk Bend Opens Tonight!

In what has been the most anticipated and hyped Echo Park restaurant opening in memory, the owners of Mohawk Bend, the massive 234-seat restaurant and  65 California bar beers on tap, said they will open their doors tonight after a month-long delay.  The Sunset Boulevard restaurant located in a former Echo Park movie house features a menu that will appeal to vegans as well as meat lovers, who will be able to savor a “Dork” burger featuring a ground duck and pork patty topped with duck bacon. Of course, if that’s too much meat, there is always fries and beer.

Mohawk Bend Website 
2141 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(213) 483-2337
Courtesy of