Friday, May 13, 2011

Jar - Amazing Food

Sorry, I've wanted to put this review up for a while, but life gets in the way.
Jar is a restaurant on Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles that deserves special mention. This is one of those special occasion restaurants with amazing food. While not inexpensive, the dishes are quite amazing.

Suzanne Tracht is the Executive Chef and Owner, and she's created a beautiful setting for beautiful food. Elegantly decorated in wood, the restaurant is a classy, but not overdone designer room.
The food, from the appetizers that we had, Crab deviled eggs and the Lobster Bisque were delightful. I've eaten here a few times and everything is a culinary masterpiece.
Flavors blend perfectly.
The Kansas City Steak is aged for 28 days, which makes it a tender, wonderful meat. I have also had the Coq au Vin which is terrific, as are the Pork and Seafood dishes.
The dinner menu can be viewed here:
The cocktail menu is extensive as is the delicious dessert menu.

If you happen to be in the vicinity of the The Grove shopping center, I would highly recommend going a few blocks and having one very special dinner here.

Jar is located at  8225 Beverly Boulevard
                          Los Angeles, CA 90048
                                 Jar Website

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