Friday, March 11, 2011

Update on Maria The Echo Park Goose - Now Mario

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You may have read that Echo Park’s famous goose Maria (made famous by an OK Go music video, then a Facebook page, then the brilliant snowball effect that comes with celebrity life in Los Angeles) was moved to the Los Angeles Zoo in preparation for the upcoming Echo Park Lake rehab project this summer. Well, as it turns out, Maria is actually a boy! The Zoo learned of the official gender while doing a checkup after the gander arrived. Dominic Ehrler told the LA Times, “He’s Mario now. But I’ll call him Maria if he doesn’t respond to Mario.”
In case you’re wondering, Dominic will be able to visit Mario/Maria.

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  1. Okay, here's a little bit of inside information.
    Maria they say is really a male goose. So, if he or she was Maria wouldn't this discovery make
    her or him "Arnold"? And, Arnold says: "I'll be
    back in Echo Park in a few years".

    From Santa Monica Hell where America's only
    hero and human rights leader and former
    Goose Herder from Kentucky-Cincy is being
    kept a prisoner,

    Wayne E. Manzo, PhD
    Former NASA-Lewis Engineer
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