Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Park It!

   The Park.

This is one of those places that cannot put out a bad meal! Not one, and we've eaten there many times since they opened.
The menu changes with the seasons, every 3 months. Some of the highlights were Pork Belly in caramel sauce, which when I read it, thought it would be like a pork dessert. Well, was I wrong, the caramel sauce was a wonderful partially sweet accompaniment to the pork. I will never stop talking about the Brisket, which was made in a delightful wine sauce.

Owner and Chef Josh is a culinary wizard. The restaurant originally started without a wine license, so they started 2 nights of Speakeasy specials that have remained even though they serve wine now. Tuesday nights, a 3 course dinner is $15. This consists of a meat entree or vegetarian dish. These 2 specials are not on the regular menu.

Friday nights are 3 courses for $20, and consist of everything on the regular menu. The Wednesday
night special, which has gotten wildly crowded is the $10 Burger for $5, and once you have it
you understand why it's really a $10 burger!

This is a restaurant with affordable delicious food. One appetizer, the Szechuan
Fried Calamari is a standout. It has a sesame soy glaze and is served with
wasabi, spicy and unique.

You can check out their menu on their site, and I've had it all and can say it is terrific.
Check it out at http://www.thepark1400sunset.com/ 

The Park is located at 1400 Sunset Boulevard at the corner of Douglas Street, one block from Dodger Stadium in lovely Echo Park. Get there.

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