Monday, October 11, 2010

El Chavo in Silverlake

Our pick for best Mexican goes to El Chavo on Sunset Boulevard in Silver Lake.
In business for over 40 years, it was run by a wonderful man named Ricardo, who retired and sold it a couple of years ago. Thankfully none of the recipes have changed, and the food remains excellent! It has been remodeled, with a second bar, a much larger patio and suites for rent.
When you walk in, on the wall in the bar area is a large picture of Dolly Parton. Wondering why a mexican restaurant would have a picture of a country singer, the story is that she used to eat lunch there when she was in Los Angeles. Ricardo became friends, and there, to this day is a poster sized picture of Dolly.
Favorite dishes of mine are the Chile Verde Pork, pork in a green tomatillo and chile sauce, that is just spicy enough with tons of flavor, the shrimp or scallop enchiladas, the chile relleno with beef, and a new item for El Chavo, the green corn tamales, which are incredibly good.
They are also known for their not overpriced Margaritas. The recipe has changed slightly since Ricardo owned it, but for the better.
I highly recommend this as one of the best Mexican Restaurants in Los Angeles, and you know there are thousands!!

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